Packaging Specifications

In order to make 8N-7005 injector work for long time, the materials to be chose are iron and stainless steel. After the multiple processes to complete an injector, it must be oiled on the surface to protect from being rusted and being wrapped up by VCI anti-rust bag after being oiled.

Besides,In order to protect the important parts of the 8N-7005 injector from contamination and blockage,  It is essential to protect nozzle holes from being polluted and blocked with nozzle protective cover cap, the oil inlet holes from being polluted and blocked with injector house protective cover cap and the solenoid valve body and terminals from being damaged by external forces with solenoid valve protective cap.

However, to ensure the safety of injector valve set in storage, transportation and sales, a simple packing bag is not enough,  so a good package is needed to protect it from being damaged. Injector8N-7005 chooses bubble bag and injector packing box to pack each injector, which can well protect our injector during transportation.

Injector8N-7005 provides the O-ring to meet the standard of the sealing performance between the injector and the brass gaskets F 00R J02 175  to ensure the tight fit between the injector cap end and the engine, but O-ring and gasket are disposable installation accessories, and need to be replaced for 


As to injector package, Injector8N-7005 support customized. Please check on package customized conditions details by clicking

And see the injector’s packages specifications as follow:

8N-7005 Injector Protective Cover Cap:

8N-7005 Injector House Protective Cover Cap:

8N-7005 Injector Solenoid Valve Protective Cap:

Packaging Specification-injector-8n7005

8N-7005 Injector VCI Rustproof Bag:

8N-7005 Injector Bubble Bag:

8N-7005 Injector Packing Box:

Packaging Specification-injector-8n7005 (2)